What happens when thoughtful people think about your business?

You get a multidisciplinary group of individuals coming to the table on your behalf,
sharing their talents, insights, perspectives, and experience. Our meetings are a blend of insatiable curiosity,
complete transparency and optimistic energy. Always working to achieve your business objectives
and discover what is possible. We have a story to tell. It’s what you do well. Our mission is to do that strategically, creatively, and technically better than anyone.

Our Team

Maja Thaler

Principal, Creative Director

As Principal and Creative Director of SDBX Studio, Maja brings a keen business eye, warmth and enthusiasm to every meeting and conference call. She will oversee all of the creative and website development on your account. She always looks for ways to make her clients’ marketing efforts stand out. Since founding SDBX Studio in 2001, she has grown the company into an award-winning design firm with high-profile clients from across the country. Maja's unique vision and skilled design solutions have positioned SDBX Studio among the top firms of the industry.

Kari Brown

Director of Technology

She is as at ease brainstorming with business owners and CEOs as artists and programmers. As our Director of Technology, Kari’s greatest asset is her built-in radar for spotting opportunities and quickly leveraging technology to implement revenue-boosting strategies – from traditional advertising to automated digital media platforms. Prior to joining the firm, she introduced the first aggregated MLS websites for the real-estate industry. Kari is also an award-winning composer and an accomplished app developer. Her products earned “New and Noteworthy” status on iTunes.

Craig Tran

Full Stack Web Developer

Our Developer, Craig turns an alphabet soup of technology into a well-served dish for our clients. He is proficient in both back end and front end web application development while always aiming to implement the most efficient and appropriate technology stack for the client. A SoCal native, Craig graduated from UCSD and obtained his Masters in Computer Science from CSU San Marcos specializing in database theory and design.

Emma Mitchell

Graphic Designer

A consummate visual thinker, Emma is SDBX Studio’s designer. She collaborates with Maja on all of the firm’s creative solutions – from branding and advertising to collateral and interactive assignments. She resides in Oakland, where she started out as an in-house designer at a commercial real estate development company and later at Inferno, a London-based advertising agency. She attended California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo where she studied Art & Design with a concentration in Graphic Design and launched her career as a graphic artist.

Juliet Kwan

Jr. Web/UI Developer

How are Web sites like Olympic figure skaters? They’re judged on their artistic merit and their technical merit. Our Jr. Web Developer/User Interface Designer, Juliet, makes sure our clients’ sites not only perform well, but also look as beautiful on the screen as they do on paper. With a degree in graphic design and another in marketing, she has both a strong attention to detail and a keen eye for the many nuances of design. Prior to joining SDBX, she worked as Associate Project Manager for Home Depot’s website and mobile platforms in Canada.

Amelia Ostroff

Copy Director

It is estimated that consumers are exposed to 10,000 advertising messages a day. Amelia’s driving goal is to make sure everything she writes for you will be noticed, read, and convincingly persuasive – whether it’s an ad, brochure, website or blog post. With more than 25 years experience, she has written for clients within the automotive, financial, medical, real estate, retail and technology industries. Based in Seal Beach, CA, her work has received numerous national and regional awards. Amelia obtained her B.S. in Marketing Management from Syracuse University.